Do:Topia Random Text Generators

During our first session of Hack & Code a number of random text generators came to life. Here are the ones that were shared with us for publishing.
If you have yet to share your title generator with us, you are still welcome to do so at

What should we call you now? Now you are a superhero.

We are choosing your name.

Now you are called -

by Maddie

Don't stress over dinner, we will decide for you!


click on the button below to find out what you'll have for dinner tonight :)

by Emma & Maia

Hello revolutionary!

The revolution is now. Behold the revolution generator

Your revolution: You're still living in the Status Quo!

by Sylvester

The saving generator

Get a daily clue on how to save the world

Your clue for saving the world:

by Lotte L. L.


This is a random title generator for your startup. Click "Generate" and find your destiny!

Your title:

by Renegade Runners & Alice M.